52 Code Embosser Embossing Dog Tag Card Hot Foil Stamping Tipper Stamper Machine

Motor & Car Accessories. This manually operated dog tag embosser is the essential equipment of dog tags post production and processing. Its function is to extrude protruding or receding characters to make dog tag with identifiability and uniqueness. Great used for troop, pet shop, Materiel shop fabricates personal identification brand, dog tag’s usage. Small volume […]

72 Code Printer Card Embossing With Manual Hot Foil Stamping Machine Foil Paper

This 72 letters manual embosser is the perfect machine to produce VIP club cards, membership cards, credit cards, gift cards, etc, and it is the necessary equipment of PVC card’s post production and processing. Small volume for easy carrying. Easy to use, no need training required. Non-slip rubber feet for more steady. Heavy duty steel […]